Friday, September 18, 2009

Granddaughter's Love Note

Ah, to be loved. To see the light in a child's eyes each time they see you. To experience the random hugs and kisses, sweet words of love and hands that reach out to hold yours.

I sometimes think that all of those things we craved as a child come back to be the things we crave as grandparents. I am blessed. Blessed that I have a family who express their feelings and blessed that I am aware of how important a touch, a look, a smile is needed for every age.

Twice a week I walk to the elementary school to pick up my granddaughters. The school is two blocks from my home. I know the girls have a sense of security knowing that I'm just down the street at any hour of the day. Plus I can pop in for lunch, attend special events and occasionally volunteer.

Reaching a grandparenting age, allows new freedom. A freedom to change, to learn, to express myself and to discover new possibilities. A contentment that eluded me in my earlier years seems to have settled in. I can fail and not be crushed. I can do make mistakes and not be embarassed. I can be a positive force in my family, my community, in my own life that creates change, stability and hope. How do I know?

Yesterday Sydney, age 10, came out of the school and handed me a note:

Dear Grammy,
I just wanted to say....
I had a great day at school. I'm giving this to you right now while you are picking us up so here you go. I was going to ask you if I was going to 'back to school' night? Well, am I, am I? Just wondering.

When I get to your house, I'm going to be reading "Beauty". (for a half hour) Also, I was wondering how long I will be at your house. Again, just wondering. :) I just wanted to say I had a great day of school. It was great. And I can't wait to see you. Wait! You're right here! I love you so much. You are awesome. Again, how long am I staying at your house? I can't wait to see you, then again, you're here.

Love, Sydney

Yes, Sydney, you did go to 'back to school' night. You did as always spend 30 minutes reading. You know that you can always come to my house, and I will always be here for you. A smaller hand casually reaching over to hold yours, a child reading leaning into your arms, an unexpected love note. Ah, to be loved.

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