Monday, September 7, 2009


"Grammy, can you come over? We have something to show you". "Grammy, will you pick us up after school tomorrow?" "Grammy, what are you going to do the rest of the day?" "Grammy......

My Granmother Loxley died when I was a little girl. I only remember sitting by her death bed then by her casket when she died. Mom Johnson died when I was about nine. She was not a warm snuggly woman. Neither were either of my grandpas. I never remember being held by a grandparent or even having a conversation with them. I don't remember looking forward to going to their homes. They were strangers to me.

When I hear a small voice on the phone eager to tell me something or asking to come to my house, I am in bliss. I think that maybe I am doing something right. I don't want to be the center of their world, but I do want to be someone they can always go to and to offer a place where they feel at home. I'd like to know that I have perhaps taught them something that will make their lives as well as those of their children better. I want to give them skills to make wise decisions. I want them to know that I will support them in anything they do. I want them to learn to express their talents and to learn more about their world.

I love those calls, I get from the girls. I love that they run to meet me. I never had my grandparents, but my family will know what it is to have one who cares.

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