Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An Exquisite Moment

There is a moment, an exquisite moment when every fiber of your being is perched on a precipice waiting...holding a breath, waiting to exhale into perfection.

Several years ago I was reminded of this moment when watching Randy Newman accompanying Sara McLachlan on the piano at the Academy Awards. For anyone who has ever played an instrument, especially anyone who has played accompaniment, you will understand this, I hope.

A mysterious thing happens when playing for a soloist. The vocalist pauses then goes on to the next phrase giving his or her own interpretation to the music. Style. There is this feeling of anticipation, an intuition that kicks in allowing the musician to sense the moment when along with the vocalist they lift off and fly over the precipice. Even when playing a instrumental solo, this deep sense is experienced, this knowing gives life to the music.

I don't know that many will understand this feeling, but I think perhaps this same thread weaves in and ou of the rhythms of our lives. Perhaps it is a thought that fills one with excitement, anticipation. A moment that excites, that is savored, that is held close yet yearn to share. Maybe it is a thing of magic this feeling that comes when something is just right. A natural harmony that lies within waiting to be tapped, waiting to move us to another part of our awareness.

How does the musician know when the singer will sing the next note? Two spirits soar on the same wings, expressing the same depth of feeling and landing on the next note at the same time. A mystery wonderful to hear, to see, to feel.

Perhaps we should read one another a bit better, complimenting one another instead of rushing ahead, listening to our hearts instead of with our haste. I bet the song would be memorable.

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