Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dusty Line

Prejudice is alive and well in the world. In the 60's we tried to pull down that wall of hate. In the last year we elected a black president. Still prejudice and hate continue. Wars are fought over differences in politics, in religion, in color. Where does it end? When do we allow a generation to live in a world without hate?

This is a piece I wrote many years ago. It has always echoed in my mind. I hope you don't mind if I share it with you.

Dusty line of discrimination
Dusty line of right and wrong
Dusty line of humiliation
Telling who and where to belong

Whose hand holds the chalk
Decides the place to draw
What anger feeds the fire
Who breaks that final straw

On and on it goes
The rhythm fails to end
The silent, long, white line
Separating foe from friend

I do not know the answers
That wipe the chalk away
If no one looks for them
All mankind will pay

Take that small white stick
Hold it in your hand
Draw a big, wide circle
Encompass every man

Stand them all in order
Tell them all the news
"For the next 2000 years
You will wear your neighbor's shoes

Carry someone's burden
So different from your own
Learn what is important
For life is just on loan"

Then find a big eraser
And each can take a turn
Erasing that white line
Of pain that made us learn

No lines of discrimination
No lines of war and tears
No lines of separation
No lines of hate and fears

Some say it cannot happen
That hate too deeply lies
How will we ever know
If no one ever tries....

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