Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Crack in My Heart

Is there anything that tears at a parent or grandparent's heart as much as the pain their child feels either physical or emotional? I think not. Truly it puts a crack in my heart.

Learning is a struggle. We all had to take babby steps to get anywhere in life. Heck, I still take those tiny steps only because when I take a big one I land on my face. I have the scars to prove it. And, most of those are in my heart.

Yet when a child struggles you get all twisted inside wanting so hard to do it for them. Some things are easier for one child then for another. It makes it all that much more painful for the child who struggles. Tonight I am twisted.

I wish I could take myself out of the equation, but I can't. Can any of us take ourselves out of the mix with any child, in any society? Can we just look away and hope that someone else will do the work for us or that things will just get better if we ignore them?

We are all responsible. We all have a duty to the children who have no voice, to those who cannot have a voice heard, for those who don't know how to use their voices. Let them rebel! Cheer them on for those are our future leaders. Let them ask for help. It will make them compassionate to others. Let them fail, but let them know that through failure they succeed. We cannot be their voices, we cannot mold their futures, but we can always listen to what we hear and what we do not. We can always teach in any situation. We can cry along with them when they need to know you understand and we can be strong when they need our strength.

I will fight aliens, demons and most of all other people who try to hold my kids down. And I will cheer my kids on to grab the world by the ears and make it look at them. It's not easy being a grandma. I wish I'd had someone there for me.

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