Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Confessions of a 5' 2" Amazon

Small, petite, darling. My youngest grandchild is precious yet children treat her more like a toddler than her 8 years. Adults carry her around failing to see the pain in her eyes.

My daughter and I have a good understanding of being on the petite side. I made it to 5'3" before my height decline began. We know that being short is not a deficit. Yet I recognize that being short does have its drawbacks.
Clothing selection is sparse and usually polyester. At Disneyland, children taller than the height-requirement line, move ahead on rides while the shorter yet older child is required to step aside. It's not easy.

Mom always believed that her daughters should neither be proud nor consider themselves pretty. All three of us have struggled to find self-confidence and to allow ourselves to be proud of our accomplishments. It has been a lifelong struggle. Yet, I look at the old photos to see three lovely girls beneath the dowdy clothing. Mom told me I was going to be the biggest of her daughters since I was the largest baby. And, today instead of my 5'2", I feel 6' tall. Her words or lack thereof stuck.

All children need support, encouragement, patience to survive this sometimes thoughtless world. If I can give nothing else to my grandchildren, my children, I will always give ample praise for their accomplishments, a sense of pride and positive support in their efforts. I am a 6' Amazon in a 5'2" frame. I know better, but some words echo no matter how old we become. I will not let them echo for Gabby.

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