Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Call Me Bekins

An apology: My writing has been a little slow. I clumsily broke and dislocated my right pinky. The finger has been 'relocated' but pain meds and difficult 'keyboardmanship' are making this difficult. Please hang with me.

How many times have you moved? My guess is that unless you lived in a military family or a family 'on-the-run' your moves have been less than five. Since I left home at 18, I have moved fourteen times (most short moves within Portland). Wow! That is a great deal of packing and unpacking. No wonder is doesn't seem like a big deal any more.

I was born in Ohio, had babies in Wisconsin, was divorced in Oregon. I had hand-me-down furniture in my first apartment, new furniture in my house and am back to used (antique) furniture in my present home, I went from a studio apartment at 18 to 2400 square feet in my 30's to a duplex in my 60's. I lived alone, with my family, alone, etc. Things have been lost, broken, given away, garaged 'saled'.

What does this all amount to? Well, I have seen things that I thought were treasures become nothing more than tokens. I have learned that what were dreams were just that. I have made friendships along the way keeping those who neither distance nor time can destroy. I have learned to pack and unpack like Bekins. I have found it exciting to say "hello" to new situations and to never say "good-bye" without tears.

Each time I move, I move with memories. Some not so good, and some will last a life time. Moving accomplishes clean cupboards, discovers dust balls under beds and takes me to new adventures. Each time I filled a box, I packed my hopes and dreams. And, with each cherished item I place on a 'new' shelf in a new location, I come home once more.

I just tapped my heels together.....there's no place like home.

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