Thursday, September 10, 2009


We live in a time when everything is done for us. We can fix a meal in seconds, shop without ever leaving home. No longer to we need to go to the library for information. Days of courting are cut in half. We can make our own travel arrangements, order our drugs, diagnose our own illnesses, find a recipes for dinner, find long lost loves and indulge in delightful clipart. There is no end to the level of ease our lives have attained.

I once went shopping for work clothes and found this darling suit. I loved the jacket which is why I was drawn to the suit in the first place. Better yet, there was a necklace hooked to the blouse which was hooked to the jacket. Boy, I really wanted this jacket. Who cared what tagged along.

The, uh oh, (as my granddaughter would say)there were no buttons, snaps or zippers. So I had to shimmy into this 'blacket', er, 'jouse'. Not an easy task dressing your entire top half into three items at once. However, the finished look was fantastic. It was quick, time efficient and darling not to mention that it all matched! Don't need to worry about losing any of the pieces since they are all attached. Saves on closet space because it all fits on one hanger. Don't even need to have good taste in clothing. The term "dressing myself" had taken on all new meaning.

When shopping for my granddaughters' school clothing this year, I found that things have not changed. Vests are part of the shirt, necklaces are attached to the shirt and more times than not, a scarf is tossed in for good measure. Camisoles with straps crossed in the back become a challenge to put on with the entire shirt drooping in the front and strangling the child at the same time. Ah, clothing. The challenges continue.

Needless to say, years ago I bought that suit. I was continually complimented on my good taste in clothing. Not bad. I just dread the day that they attach the pants. Argh!

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