Saturday, August 29, 2009


I believe in princesses. I've never been the queen mother but my niece, Jobi, was the first princess to come into my life. She was 3 and won my heart the first moment I saw her.

My daughter was the next princess to come into my family. She was indeed the most beautiful child I'd ever seen. I knew she was royalty the moment I held her in my arms. And, over the years I have loved her even.

Then after I thought I could love no more strongly than than I already had, two little girls came into my life. Perhaps that is when I became the queen mother for with them I feel like a queen. Or perhaps we just enjoy ourselves as paupers laughing, painting, hugging trees and dressing up. How fun my life has become because of Gabrielle and Sydney.

It is difficult this being a mother. I did so many things wrong and most times didn't realize it. Can I do better this time? I try.

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