Thursday, August 27, 2009


Is there anything that hurts more than when your children hurt? I think not. From their birth we try to protect them and to rear them to be responsible, happy adults. Then we have grandchildren.

When the grandkids come, we find a new part of ourselves that we had no idea existed. I know this because I looked for this part before grandkids (BG) and could not find it. Sydney is born and all of a sudden I am locked in the jaws of this incredible love for a helpless little bundle. When I'm sure that I have felt the supreme amount of love one could have for another, I have granddaughter #2 capture my heart. Gabby was good at it.

The lucky thing is that at the age I am now I have actually leaned a few things. I learned that I cannot make my children learn my lessons. I learned that I can put myself aside and find more of myself in the children I now watch grow. I rather like being 'older'. Responsibility has been given back to those who own it. There are secret places in my brain I am just discovering. And best, of all, I have learned that I am ageless.

It's difficult to see your children hurting and even harder to watch the grandchildren. We hope that their parents will have knowledge to help their children, and we hope that somewhere over the years we passed off good lessons that will assist in this challenge of growing up.

I'm still growing up. I like the journey. Now I supply bandaids and an occasional word of advice. I listen to little ones. Not only by what they say but very often by what they don't.

Ouch. Growing up is not easy. But I intend to do the best I can.

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