Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Gotta Look

Yesterday I took my granddaughters on a hike through our nature center. The girls love the trails.

We had just started down a trail when we noticed a woman and boy bent down looking through the trees. Of course, I had to ask what they were watching. She pointed out a large screech owl sitting about 8' into the woods. It watched us quite unconcerned with our gawking. I was concerned that perhaps it wasn't well since it was around 4pm and the owl was nocturnal. But it seemed quite well and happy. The kids took it as a sign.

With reluctance, we pulled ourselves away from this rare sight deciding to continue our walk. I pointed out plants I recognized. We talked about moss and the north side of trees, about ferns and types of trees. The kids showed me things of interest to them. After a point, Sydney asked if we could just sit for awhile. Before we knew it, Gabby spotted a baby chipmunk who to check us out.

Feet were tired and tummies were hungry when we finally headed back. We had seen an owl, visited with a chipmunk, looked at lichen and moss. But most of all we had a quite time with each other.

I noticed as I walked between the girls that each would take my hand. No matter when we stopped or what we did, the hands ended up holding once more. We spent time connecting with nature, and in turn, nature spent time connecting us.

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