Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Steps

I’ll never forget when my dauthter and oldest child, Stacey, took her first steps. She wobbled, she swayed, she tentatively placed one foot in front of the other. For her it must have seemed and eternity between steps. For me it was seconds that changed our relationship forever.

She and Joel just purchased their first home, another first step into their future together with their children and those first steps.
Looking back I realize how difficult it must have been for my parents to see me slip off into adulthood and even farther from Ohio to Oregon from marriage to divorce. Each step increasing the distance. Even as Mom watched her daughters take another step in losing a parent, losing Dad, she must have felt that same protectiveness holding out her arms to cusion our journey into unchartered territory.
My children have taken many first steps. As a parent it has been difficult standing back watching the falls and hard knocks. Seeing their determination and resilience makes my first steps at walking away a bit easier.

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